PhACT Meeting Report from August, 1996

August 24, 1996, Ringing Rocks Excursion

report by Eric Krieg

For years paranormal books have touted Ringing Rocks in Bucks county as a paranormal, lifeless area of strange activity. They say it is a convergence of ley lines and bizarre forces and that compasses won't work right. (Actually, you can easily make a compass spin around anywhere.)

On Saturday, August 24, nearly 2 dozen of us gathered at a site known as Ringing Rocks in the far north of Bucks County. The site is a field of igneous rock. This site has been mentioned in the Fortean Times. SITU, a "scientific" group investigated the site in the 70's, claimed they felt disoriented, that compasses spun, and that nothing grew there. Our group included an electrical engineer, a physicist, and a naturalist. We found no significant background radiation, normal magnetic fields, and normal electromagnetic activity, no dinosaur tracks, and a significant presence of flora and fauna. We had a lot of fun scampering over rocks and playing them with hammers. Nothing paranormal was found; we ended up concluding the previous investigation team would likely be disoriented just about anywhere.

But, we did discover a beautiful waterfall nearby where our group (including many family members) had a delightful picnic. We also got impromptu nature expositions from our dynamic program director, Craig Olsen. A good time was had by all. The get-together was informally concluded at a local ice cream joint where we observed more wildlife.

Real Rock Music - recordings of the sounds from Ringing Rocks.

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